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We are serving up style in many flavours! Urban, trendy, classic, modern, avant-garde, and more!

Our prices listed are a starting point and will vary depending on the Artist. Prices are based on a multi-level system keeping in mind our Artist's experience & education. Up to date pricing for each Artist can be found on our booking page.



Marble Surface



Marble Surface

Digital art exhibit
Marble Surface



Whatever your inspiration, we'd love to colour your world. Wether you want to blend in or you're ready to make a bold change and stand out we've got you covered......literally. We'll have those greys or unwanted tones outta there!


All prices are listed as colouring services not including the cost of a haircut or blowout/style. All colour services require a blowout or cut to be added on when booking. This ensures quaility and satisfaction for every guest.

These are starting prices as each Artist has their own prices based on education and experience. Please see cutting or styling menu for additional pricing as well our online booking page for more accurate pricing by artist.

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Trending Touch Up

Our colour brushes will come out swinging. Grey's you better run and tell that.

starts at $40

Root Blending

For those with regrowth that's way overdue, mixed with the fact you haven't made time for self love!

starts at $50


Short & Sexy

starts at $60

Long & Strong

starts at $80

Medium & Memorable

starts at $70

Touch Up

starts at $65



You're the one who wants to make it look both effortless and flawless!

starts at $95

*may require a toner at additional fee*


Go big girl!

You're ready to make moves!

starts at $120

*may require a toner at additional fee*



Regrowth with a few soft natural looking highlights - attention to detail that illuminates your silhouette.

starts at $65

*may require a toner at additional fee*


Regrowth with integration of numerous colours.

It's complicated but you're ok with that ;)

starts at $80

*may require a toner at additional fee*


What more can we say, this is the whole sha-bang.

This is for all of you creative colour lovers. Slay all day!

Priced upon consultation. Please leave a note/picture when booking to share what you'd like in case we need to review timing.

Full Blonding / Corrective

Wether you want to become a full blonde or maybe you've gotten an awful colour and need a big change, we can help. These are more time consuming and specialty services that we love to get our hands but they need to be booked accordingly. Please call our shop to book these or pop by for a consultation. 

Consultation and deposit necessary for this service. 

Additional fees or appointments may apply.

Hey, Rome wasn't built in day ;)


Toner Refresh

Want to gloss up your locks in-between colour overhauls, maybe try a new tone or give your hair a conditioning treatment while colouring it? A toner is a great option for any of those listed above. It's the skinniest way to phat-en up your look.

starts at $30

Root Blender

A quick service to blend your base and not break your budget between blonde highlighting appointments. It takes 10 minutes to put on, 5 minutes to set, add in a cut or blow-dry and you can be done in a lunch hour.

A gentle colour to soften harsh roots and to get you over that impatient hump so you can keep up the rep that you're uh...kind of a natural blonde.

starts at $85 including cut, $70 including blowout

*please consult beforehand to make sure this is the right service for you*

6 Ways to Own the Digital Space (6)_edited.png
Marble Surface

Enjoy a wide variety of services to compliment your colour service, get you ready for a date night or night out with the girls. Either way you're walking out winning.

After Colour Dry Ink Set

Add this blowout on to any colour service. Finish straight, smooth, wavy or curly.

Starting at $20

Hustle & Flow With A Wash & Blow

Come in for a fresh and relaxing wash completed with a style. Choose from roundbrush, diffused, straightening or loose wave finish.

Starting at $40

Heat Slay Love

Come in with hair dry and prepped and we'll transform your locks into a luscious evening or special event look. Curls, waves, straight, twists, braids or a mix.

Starting at $50

Take It Up A Notch

Rise above, wow the crowd or a special someone with some up styling that will make a statement and set the bar. This is one of our specialties!!!!

Starting at $60

Client supplied hair extensions can be added into any style by Hair Artist for additional cost - $15




Marble Surface
Digital art exhibit
Marble Surface
Digital art exhibit

We're all about that face. Finish off your experience with some of our waxing, tinting or makeup services. A Yeti may have recently made its way on the big screen, but we can't have you going out looking like that!

waxing - Coming soon

Add any service as an add on to cut or colour service or in combination with 2 other waxing services; $5


Upper Lip







TINTING - Coming soon

 As an add on to cut or colour service or in combination with another tint service



Prices coming soon

Prices coming soon


Makeup Artistry

Tired of trying to duplicate Insta or Youtube makeup looks? Let the pros do the work. We can give you an effortless NATURAL look all the way to GLAM and ready to shine.

Starting at $70

Artists can provide and apply temporary lash extension set for additional $15

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