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We love to see the beauty of men and women coming together to share our space, our services and we all have our roles. Growing together as a community is what we are here for. To serve, to love, to lead.


"Men are the strength and the women the heart. Might without heart or compassion can be cruel, just as a heart without authority is weak and vulnerable."

                                                          - Lisa Bevere

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Anger & Artistry’s passion is to create an environment for clients to relax and enjoy a pampered experience, taking a break from the outside world i.e - busy-ness, social media and cell phones. We encourage you to bring a book, read a magazine or just relax and enjoy the chill time.

Anger & Artistry firmly believes beauty is not just skin deep - its body, mind and spirit. Maintaining interest in the client’s beauty as a whole, continuous education, staying on top of trends as well as creating our own will always go hand in hand with our work.

We feel so blessed by our guests and that we get to share our gifts and talents on the daily. Thank you for your support. You literally put a roof over our heads, food on our table and clothes on our back.


This is Anger & Artistry. We are team players in the business of self-esteem building through conversation, pampering and ultimately great hair. We will fight for your hair's right to party.


After 21 years behind the chair, Ali now focuses on creative colours, curly hair and out of the box haircuts specifically. She is also the creator of our made in house brand ADORN.

Infusing love and creativity into everything she does, Ali Anger is the samurai of hair artistry. This previous Amika Pro Educator is also a published and award-winning stylist. Recently creating 5 Wearable Art looks for Niagara's Grape & Wine Ice Gala and coming back from doing makeup for Miami Fashion Week, 2024 is starting off with a bang. Ali believes the root of a successful career is in continual education along with keeping a burning passion for the craft of anything hair, makeup and art related.

While Ali has many years experience in the trade as a stylist and almost 10 years as a salon owner, she sees everyday as an opportunity to learn something new. Her passion is to give back to her industry and clients, revealing people's inner beauty just as much as it appears on the outside and training the new up and coming talent.

She's experienced with the stage and competing, runways, editorial work, instructing in the classroom and working behind the chair. She loves the juxtaposition hair brings of angles and curves, masculine and feminine, sleek and textured, braids and curls.

Aside from hair... she loves shoes, hip hop and chocolate milk. You may spot her out from behind the chair on the soccer field, dance floor or running around town with her hubby, kids and pooches!


Evan is our amazing main barber. His passion for Barbering, fashion trends and serving the clients in his chair is what makes him so unique. He's eager to stay on his education game and keep upping the ante. Evan has a unique personality for the barbering world. He is naturally an introvert and empath. He is happy to chat and makes a great person to confide in and at the same time he can understand if you just need a quiet appointment to sit back and chill. His hot towel shaving services are out of this world too!

Evan has also been the plant man around here. When guests come in and complement our plants, the rest of us can’t take any credit for it. If its green and growing in our shop, it's because of him. He keeps the luscious greenery and clean air going. He's also Mr. Fix it who loves to help us keep our tools up to par. I guess he's got a few titles besides Barber extraordinaire.

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