Who Are We?



The name for Anger & Artistry came about at the time Alexandria Anger was a new mom and made the decision to start her own business. She wanted a name that was catchy, left a little mystery and was also something that had a more unisex vibe to it. Alexandria enjoys many different art forms and believes those should be celebrated and supported within our community… and so Anger (referring to who) & Artistry (referring to all encompassing artistic platform) was born.

The idea for Anger & Artistry’s salon growth for clientele was birthed out of a desire to provide continued outstanding service while honing in on a more specific target market than Alexandria Anger was relating to previously. We really want to celebrate the artist and lift those up in the community who enjoy and appreciate the freedom to express themselves artistically as much as we do.

In terms of providing work for others, Alexandria knows that there is also a need for a healthier work environment where both the owner and staff can equally thrive. Allowing staff to have a better work life balance is something Anger & Artistry strives for.


Anger & Artistry’s passion is to create an environment for clients to relax and enjoy a pampered experience, taking a break from the outside world i.e- Busy-ness, social media and cell phones. We encourage you to bring a book, read a magazine or just relax and enjoy the chill time.

Anger & Artistry firmly believe’s beauty is not just skin deep. Maintaining interest in the client’s beauty as a whole, continuous education, staying on top of trends as well as creating our own will always go hand in hand with our work.


When Alexandria’s asked what has been her favourite career moment thus far it’s not about the awards. It’s actually a string of moments that happen everyday. When after services a client leaves our chairs with their spirits lifted- feeling revitalized emotionally, more confident mentally, and refreshed physically because of how we can use our gifts and what we can contribute to the community.

A tired out mom who has been in desperate need of relax time. A recently graduated student needing a fresh look for a job interview. A hopeless romantic getting a new look for a date or asking for someone’s hand in marriage. Someone struggling with health complications and just needing a pick me up or a place for their mind to temporarily escape. And sometimes for anyone a shoulder to cry on, a place they don’t have to keep themselves together.

She’s experienced it all and more. We get to be a part of that community enhancement and give back right here in Niagara (as well as global charities). A city she has always called home, a city we are thrilled to invest in and a way to impact Niagara as a whole.

This isn’t just a job or business to us. Making an impact however we can is woven into everything we do.