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The Power of Women

So I am a little late for celebrating and/or sharing opinions on International Women’s Day but for anyone that knows me being late is basically how my life operates…’s sad I know.  Plus, it gives me a chance to marinate on everything that comes up on my social media news feeds over these certain types of special days. I especially always have thoughts to sort through when women’s day or women power events come up. Some may disagree and think ‘what’s there to think about?! Fight for women’s rights…duh’. Well, here is my two cents.

I love being a woman. I love that I can celebrate my femininity by being super girly with fashion and self expression. I also love that I can get quite rugged out on the soccer field and come home with scrapes and bruises to show for my hard work. I love that my body can create, birth and feed a child. I love that I can fix things around the house and build things using power tools. I love that I can appreciate a man holding a door for me and that I can also drive stick shift. I don’t always feel 100% confident in every situation I’m in but I am proud to be a girl in all it’s entirety. 

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